Shipping & Delivery

Accessories & Small Items

Delivery Options



Standard Delivery

RMB 50 for Area 1

RMB 50 for Area 2

RMB 50 for Area 3

RMB 50 for Area 4

FREE DELIVERY for orders over RMB1,500 for Area 1,2,3,4

Delivery Monday - Saturday

(excluding Statutory Holidays)

Within 3 Working Days

Express Delivery

Additional RMB 300 on top of Standard Delivery rates

Delivery Monday - Saturday

(excluding Statutory Holidays)

Order before 2pm for next day delivery. Delivery hours 10am- 6pm

Click & Collect


Selected Indigo stores now accept Click and Collect orders

Click here for details.

Fragile Item

RMB 180 for Area 1

RMB 300 for Area 2

RMB 400 for Area 3

RMB 500 for Area 4

Delivery Monday - Saturday

(excluding Statutory Holidays)

Within 7 Working Days

Furniture and Heavy/Bulky Items

At Indigo Living, our furniture items will be delivered inside your home by our own experienced delivery team. We will carefully unpack and inspect each item, place it in your room of choice, and provide assembly. For added convenience, all packing materials will be removed.

Delivery Options



Furniture Delivery

RMB 300 for Area 1

RMB 300 for Area 2

RMB 500 for Area 3

RMB 600 for Area 4

FREE DELIVERY OVER RMB 50,000 for Area 1, 2, 3,4

Delivery Monday - Saturday

(excluding Statutory Holidays)

Within 10 Working Days for in stock items

Stair charges may apply *

Delivery Confirmation:

Once you place your order online, we will send you an email acknowledging the receipt of your order. This email is only a confirmation of receipt of your order request and does not constitute an acceptance of your order. When you place an order for furniture, you will receive a second email within 2 working days to confirm your order and the delivery date.

Our Delivery Procedure

  • You must be at home to accept delivery; we cannot leave the goods otherwise.
  • Our Customer Service Department will call you in advance to confirm the delivery date and time with you.
  • On the day of delivery, our Delivery Team will call you within an hour of their arrival time to confirm someone is home to accept the order.
  • On arrival, your goods will be unwrapped from the transit packaging, quality inspected, assembled and placed in the requested room position and all packaging will be removed if required.
  • You will be asked to review our Returns Policy and to sign our Delivery Note to confirm you understand the policy and are happy with the products delivered.
  • If the delivery is unsuccessful (for instance, you are not at the place of delivery at the agreed time or because the goods are too large to fit into your home), a RMB 300 charge will be levied.

Delivery Conditions

  • All items delivered should be considered well received. Indigo Living will not bear responsibility for any damaged or missing items found after a signed acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Additional purchases, new sales orders or amendments should be made 2 working days before the scheduled delivery date. Otherwise an additional delivery charge may apply.
  • If a customer cannot be reached within 24 hours to arrange delivery, Indigo Living reserves the right to cancel or re-arrange delivery without further notice and extra charges may apply.
  • No discounts apply to service charges. Customer may pay cash to the Delivery Team for any additional charges that may apply due to circumstances on delivery.
  • Delivery includes unwrapping and assembly of goods purchased. The Indigo Living Delivery Team is instructed to dispose of packing materials on behalf of customer. Unwrapping and assembly will only be carried out at the time of delivery. Subsequent assembly service is available on appointment and includes additional charges.
  • If our delivery truck is unable to reach the delivery address directly due to any road conditions/restrictions and/or other environmental circumstances, requiring further physical delivery effort between the legitimate parking area and the customers' address, additional fees may apply.
  • Delivery failure due to no one answering the door or phone upon the arrival of goods at the appointed time will require a re-arrangement of delivery, therefore double delivery charges may apply.
  • If the removal of gates, doors or other fixtures is required for delivery, we do not bear the risk or responsibility of any damages caused.

Exclusions of delivery:

  • Wall-mount or lamp installation.
  • Delivery to boats, boathouses or yachts.
  • Delivering other companies’ products or moving any items other than the items on delivery, which were originally purchased from us.

Area 1

HuangPu District: East Nanjing street、Bunt Street 、BanSongyuan Road、XiaoDongmen street、YuYuan street、Old West Gate Street

JingAn District: Jingan Temple street, Jiangning street, Caojiadu street, Shimen Two street, Nanjing West Road XuHui District: Hunan Street, Tianping street, Fenglin Street, Xujiahui Street, Xietu street, Changqiao street, Caohejing street, KangJianXinCun street, Hongmei street, Tianlin street, Lingyun Street, Longhua street, HuaJing town Luwan District: Dapuqiao street, Central Huaihai Road, Ruijin Two Road, WuLiQiao Street

PuTuo District: CaoYangXinCun Street,ChangFengXinCun Street, ChangShou Street, GanQuan Road Street , ShiQuan Road Street ,YiChuan Road Street, Wanli Street

ChangNing District: HuaYang Road Street, XinHua Street, JiangSu Road Street, TianShan Road Street, ZhouJiaQiao Street, HongQiao Street.

HongKou District: ZhaPu Road Street, XinGang Road Street, OuYang Road Street, QuYang Street, GuangZhong Street, JiaXing Road Sreet YangPu District: WuJiaoChang Street, ChangBai Street ,YinXing Street, XinJiangWan Street, JiangPu Street, WuJiaoChang Town, KongJiang Street, YanJi Street, SiPing Street, DaQiao Street.

PuDong New District:WeiFangXinCun Street, LuJiaZui Street, ZhouJiaDu Street, TangQiao Street, ShangGangXinCun Street, HuaMu Street. MinHang District: XinZhuang Town, MeiLong Town, GuMei Street

BaoShan District: GaoJing Town

Zhabei District: Shanlu Street, Beizhan Street, West TianMu Street, West Zhijiang Road Street, Pengpu Xincun Street, Linfen Road Street, Gonghe Xinlu Street, Daning Road Street, Pengpu Town

Area 2

PuTuo District: ZhenRu Town Street, ChangZheng Town, TaoPu Town

ChangNing District: XianXiaXinCun Street, ChengJiaQiao Street , BeiXInJIng Street,XinJing Town

PuDong New District: South Pier Road Street, HuDongXinCun Street, JinYangXinCun Street, YangJin Street,  PuXing Road Street,  DongMing Road Street

BaoShan District: WuSong Street, YouYi Road Street, ZhangMiao Street, LuoDian Town, MiaoXing Town, SongNan Town

MinHang District: ZhuanQiao Town, MaQiao Town,  WuJing Town,  PuJiang  Town,  HongQiao Town,  HuaCao Town, QiBao Town, JiangChuan Street, XinHong Street.

JiaDing District: NanXiang Town, JiangQiao Town, HuaTing Town

FengXian District: NanQiao Town, ZhuangXing Town.

SongJiang District: YueYang District, ZhongShan Street, YongFeng Street, FangSong Street, JiuTing Town, SiJing Town, DongJing Town, YeXie Town, XinQiao Town, ShiHuDang Town, XinBang Town, SheShan Town, XiaoKunShan Town

Area 3

BaoShan District: LuoDian Town, DaChang Town, YangXing Town, YuePu Town, LuoJing Town, GuCun Town, GaoJing Town,MiaoXing Town , Baoshan City Industrial Park

FengXian District: FengChen Town, JingHui Town, SiTuan Town, QingCun Town , TuoLin Town, Bay town and Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone , Chemical Industry Park Fengxiang Sub Zone , Shanghai FengXian District Haiwan Tourist Zone,   Fengxian District modern agricultural park , Shanghai seaport Comprehensive Economic Development Zone

SongJiang District: MaoXiang Town , CheDun Town, YeXie Town

JinShan District: ShiHua Distreet , Jinshan Industrial Zone, ZhuJing Town, FengJing Town, ZhangYan  Town, TingLin Town , LvXiang Town, LangXia Town, JinShanWei Town, CaoJing Town, ShanYang Town

QingPu District: XuJing Town, ZhaoXiang Town, HuaXin Town, ChongGu Town, BaiHe Town,  ZhuJiaJiao Town, ZhengDian Town, LianTang Town, JinZe Town,  XiangHuaQiao Street,XiaYang Street,  YingPu Street

JiaDing District: NanXiang Town, JiangQiao Town, HuaTing Town

NanHui District: NanQiao Town, ZhuangXing Town.

SongJiang District: ShenGang Street , HuiNan Street, ZhouPu Town, XinChang Town, DaTuan Town, LuChaoGang Town, KangQiao Town ,  HangTou Town, LiuZao Town, ZhuQiao Town, NiCheng Town, XuanQiao Town, ShuYuan Town, WanXiang Town,  LaoGang Town

Area 4

Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island

In case of any disputes, Indigo Living reserves the right of final decision.